Kuwait Life Sciences (KLSC) was established in 2010, with a paid up capital of 15 million Kuwait Dinars (KD) which is equivalent to approximately $53 million US Dollars. KLSC is fully owned by National Technology Enterprises Company. National Technology Enterprises Company (NTEC) was incorporated in November of 2002, by the Kuwait Council of Ministers as a fully owned company by the Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA), the sovereign wealth fund of the State of Kuwait. Capitalized at 100 million Kuwait Dinars (KD) which is equivalent to approximately $350 million US Dollars, NTEC aims to play a vital role in servicing major stakeholders in Kuwait and the Middle East region with their technology requirements. KLSC focuses on healthcare innovative concepts and demanded services which have a clear and unmet need in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. KLSC has been designed as an integrated healthcare company building unique projects and is considered one of the pioneer venture capitalist and private equity companies in the Middle East that invests globally and operates regionally seeking to advance healthcare services and systems within the region. KLSC supports both public and private sector stakeholders to access emerging technologies, establish unique projects and adapt best practices prevailing in today’s healthcare field. KLSC operates in healthcare investment, life sciences training, medical technology and pharmaceutical distribution.



KLSC aims to be the Middle East’s premiere Life Sciences Company achieving superior returns from innovative regional operations and global investments.



  • Invest in Best-in-Class and proven life sciences and healthcare companies and transfer their technology into the Middle East via KLSC’s existing strategic platforms

  • Support innovative regional investments and business models by leveraging our international presence and network

  • Champion a Foundational Gateway for innovative global investment opportunities into the Middle East through our Regional Value Added Operations

  • Expand our integrated Life Sciences Platform to provide unique and inventive products and services to the Middle East

  • Embrace entrepreneurship as an essential component for growing the nascent Middle East Life Sciences and Healthcare industry and as an important pillar of a Knowledge Economy




  • The Why?

    • LSA aims to develop healthcare professionals’ knowledge, practice, and clinical outcome
    • LSA believes in transforming healthcare leaders to advance the system & inspire change

    The How?

    • LSA has prestigious affiliations with international top ranked medical universities to provide state-of-the-art training programs which are accredited and recognized for its value & impact
    • LSA also collaborates with regional & local experts to share latest practices in their field

    The What?

    • Unique platform for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programs, Continuous Medical Education (CME), and Evidence-based Professional Development (EPD)
    • LSA conducts over 85 programs per year and launched its own purpose built training facility in April of 2015

    LSA Subsectors

    • Providing Continuous Medical Education (CME) and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses for:
    • Physicians
    • Nurses
    • Healthcare Managers and Administrators
  • The Why?

    • eCore aims to improve access for life science industry stakeholders to best in class specialty ingredients at a reasonable value proposition

    The How?

    • eCore is focused on distribution and representation services in the field of industrial specialty chemicals for the Middle East and Africa region, across multiple industries including Food, Animal Feed, Pharmaceuticals, Paints, and home care

    The What? eCore is involved in:

    • Representation services – for reputable suppliers to develop their business in the MENA market
    • Importation and Distribution services for serving the local and regional customers with supply chain solutions through stocking their strategic raw materials and supply it based on the right time.
    • Exportation services – to support local MENA companies in identifying new export opportunities for their products

    Ecore subsectors Providing industrials and specialty chemical solutions for: (our sectors are Food industry/ Pharmaceutical Industry/ Home and Personal Care Industries/ Animal Feed industry/

    • International specialty chemical manufacturers
    • Local and Regional specialty chemical distributors
    • Local and Agricultural and feed stock providers
    • Local and Regional pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • The Why?

    Innomedics aims to improve the efficiency of the healthcare services and encourage value based medicine by providing the most efficient and best value medical equipment and consumables

    The How?

    Innomedics delivers innovative technologies in health care sector through medical  professionals, institutions and directly to the consumers via partnerships with local pharmacy and retail distributors

    The What?

    Innomedics is a regional distributor of medical technology in the GCC region that provides innovative medical solutions to healthcare service providers

     Innomedics Business Units

    Providing world class medical devices and consumables in the follow subsectors:

    • Surgical
    • Dental
    • Screening & Imaging
    • Consumer Health Products
    • Laboratories
    • Hospital Consumables

  • The Why? Clinart contributes to improve the ability for pharma, biotech and medical devices companies, academia and governments to host world-class clinical trials in the MENA region The How? Clinart provides quality services with a proven track record of successful trials in the MENA region (phase II-IV) since 2001 The What? Clinart MENA is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) headquartered in Dubai, Healthcare City offering a Full Service End-to-End solution that brings Clinical Research expertise to the Middle East region in line with local cultures and customs Clinart Subsectors Developing, Planning, Conducting and Managing clinical trials for:

    • Pharma and Biotech Companies
    • Medical Devices Companies
    • Government agencies
    • Research institutions
    • Academic Medical Centers
    • Medical Universities
    • International Contract Research Organizations
  • The Why? NewBridge aims to improve the access for ‘big pharma’ companies, genomics and biologics manufacturers to the MENA region The How? NewBridge pharmaceuticals is a regional specialty company providing one-stop-solution to pharmaceuticals, biological, genomics and other innovative healthcare companies The What? NewBridge is the exclusive licensor of pharmaceutical products in: Oncology (Astral®, Aware®, Clasteon™, Halaven, M2PK®, Oncotype Dx®, Sancuso), Immunology (Cimzia®) , Nutrition(Celia®, Delicel®, RealDiet™, Taranis®), CNS Care (Ebenet® Diabase), Dermatology, (Glinconorm®, Pylera®), Metabolic Care (Neupro®, Vimpat®), Woman’s Health (Femmed®) New Bridge Subsectors Providing pharmaceutical commercialization of drugs in the following subsectors:

    • Oncology                                       
    • Immunology                                 
    • Nutrition
    • CNS Care           
    • Dermatology                      
    • Metabolic Care                 
    • Woman’s Health                                                                                                                                            


KLSC follows a similar investment strategy according to its parent company, NTEC, focusing on the following three pillars

  • 1
    KLSC invests in the project’s equity in partnership with the private sector entrepreneur or company and accommodates KLSC’s main strategic goal of technology transfer into Kuwait and the MENA region.These projects are internally developed by KLSC and externally developed by the private sector. In both cases, KLSC usually favors the formation of a Joint Venture, partnering with technology providers, supporting projects that add value, meet a local or regional demand and are an internationally proven concept. Examples already developed by KLSC include: Life Sciences Academy – a knowledge transfer platform Innomedics – a medical devices commercialization platform Newbridges – a pharmaceutical commercialization platform
  • 2
    KLSC invest in companies with products or services which solve existing customer problems with ground-breaking technologies and have the potential for above average, substantial growth.Through many years of experience in direct venture capital investments and investing in world class venture capital funds, KLSC has developed a systematic process based on proprietary thought selection, comprehensive due diligence, and an active investment management. The focus is pre-commercialization stage companies that are viable and financially attractive with clear exit strategies and a vision to expand into new markets such as Kuwait and the MENA region. Examples of investments by KLSC include: Quanta Fluid Solutions – a market leader in (home) hemodialysis solutions Supersonic Imagine – a market leader in ultrasound imaging Median Technologies – a market leader in oncology monitoring and imaging
  • 3
    KLSC also invests in more established companies with the purpose of reducing the time gap of certain in-demand technology introduction into the mass markets that follow the existing technology transfer platforms identified by KLSC for the Life Sciences Industry.KLSC invests in the form of private equity in established life science and healthcare companies that have the potential of regional expansion, and a proven concept with sustainable business model. Examples of investments by KLSC include: Clinart – a clinical research (contract resource organization) platform eCore – an industrial (specialty chemicals) platform




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